Flu outbreak 2018
Triple vaccine provides limited protection

The flu has a firm grip on Europe. This year the flu wave started later than last winter, but was all the more violent from January. Since then, the number of new infections has increased every week, and the first clinics are reporting capacity problems in the emergency rooms. The situation is similar to that of last year, again there is a "mismatch" with the trivalent flu vaccine. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), B-viruses of the Yamagata line have currently been isolated in samples of influenza patients in over 70% of cases. This line is not included in the trivalent standard vaccine. Thus, according to a study by the   World Health Organization (WHO) most of the vaccinated do not have any real protection against the flu viruses that are currently circulating. The RKI therefore urgently recommends additional preventive measures. In addition to the usual hygiene measures such as hand washing, this also includes suitable personal protective equipment.

As a manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical protective clothing based in Rastatt, DACH already helped people to protect themselves reliably with its high-quality and innovative products during the swine flu outbreak in 2009 and during the Ebola epidemic.

In addition to providing protective clothing, knowledge about the correct choice and use of the products was also imparted.
In view of the current flu situation, we would like to make our products and our expertise available to all those affected.

Leaflet on noroviruses
Infections with noroviruses can occur year-round, with a seasonal peak occurring in the months of October through March.