DACH managing director Ming Gutsche in an interview with ZEIT ONLINE
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Masks from Rastatt? DACH Managing Director Ming Gutsche in an interview with ZEIT ONLINE about setting up a production in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg.

“Ming Gutsche and her company DACH in Rastatt in Baden-Württemberg have been producing medical protective clothing since 1996. Like almost all manufacturers of such products, DACH also produces most of the goods in China. Their customers include hospitals, but also pharmaceutical companies and the food industry. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, they have only supplied hospitals and rescue services. Nevertheless, they are "completely sold out," says Gutsche. She is still expecting several containers from China, but they are already reserved.

In order not to get into such a situation again, she now wants to set up her own production in Rastatt as quickly as possible. To this end, she has developed three machines in cooperation with a Swabian machine builder and made agreements with German manufacturers of nonwoven materials. Gutsche estimates that she could produce up to half a million respirator masks every day in a three-shift system. Production should start in eight weeks at the latest. Provided there are accelerated official procedures by the federal government and no Covid-19-related failures at the suppliers."

Source: from 21.03.2020

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