Mask production in Germany: For sustainable security of supply of protective clothing

New production of respiratory masks Made in Germany. Start of production shortly.

The Covid19 pandemic has exposed and highlighted the weaknesses of our health system. The fundamentally correct approach to contain the explosion in healthcare costs has led to austerity measures in the wrong places. In the case of public tenders for protective clothing, the price is decisive. The location of the manufacturing facility does not matter. That is why almost all manufacturers of PPE produce abroad, mainly in China. Raw materials are also mainly ordered in Asia.

As a result of the need to save, the supply of relevant protective clothing is no longer ensured during the corona pandemic.

As a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), DACH Schutzbekleidung feels obliged to ensure a safe supply of protective clothing for our clinics, doctors, emergency services, industry, etc.

We not only want to help contain Covid 19, but also to be better prepared for epidemics and pandemics in the future. We regard protective clothing as goods of general interest. That is incompatible with a complete outsourcing of production abroad in order to be able to keep lowering the price.

We are working flat out and using our many years of know-how to set up a production facility in Rastatt. Thanks to our capable engineers and our many years of expertise, we will soon start supplying clinics, rescue services, etc. with protective clothing "Made in Germany".

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