5 years of neolution® Plus  – we thought through everything!  

Our patented new generation respirator, thanks to its intelligent fit, closes this mask series absolutely tightly on every face shape.
These 5 plus points will convince you: 

1.   Tight fit with a soft sealing lip: for every face shape

2.   Colour coding system to identify the protection classes: FFP2 und FFP3

3.   Long-lasting comfort: integrated nosepiece and wide chin tab

4.   Ultrasonically welded and elastic, textile headbands

5.  Exhalation valve and high filter performance of the new generation

Extra Highlight:
The integrated expansion fold for maximum freedom of movement

Bring colours in your life!


Tight fit with a soft sealing lip:
for every face shape

The patented, expandable design ensures a stable fit, guarantees maximum freedom of movement through the expansion fold and prevents slipping, when speaking, the soft, generous sealing lip adapts optimally to the individual face shape and ensures an absolutely tight seal.

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Ultrasonically welded and elastic, textile headbands

The neolution®Plus respirators are equipped with high quality, dimensionally stable headbands. The comfortable and elastic embroidery tape can be easily put over the head, sits comfortably without pressing and immediately for a secure hold. By welding the textile headbands to the mask body, the neolution®Plus offers the wearer a metal-free feel.


Convinced customers

Put on and take off the mask is possible in a few movements. About fitting: conclusion of the nose and chin is very good, due to malleable soft material. There is not any pressure on the ears and the nose bridge because of the additional padding. The length of the elastic bands is sufficient for fixing behind the head and the wide of the tapes prevent the pressure marks on the back of head or neck. 
Proper processing of the material edges and ties. 

Ordentliche Verarbeitung der Materialränder und Bänder. Keine Druckstellen an Wange und Kinn. 

Good compatibility and the products do not produce any irritation. 

Zur Verpackung: Übersichtlich, gut beschriftet und die Masken selbst sind einzeln hygienisch verpackt.

DTZ Karlsruhe 

Product overview

neolution®Plus in the protection class FFP3, FFP2 und FFP1

Direkt bestellen: per E-Mail an oder telefonisch unter +49 7222 15989-0

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mit Ausatemventil

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neolution ®Plus  
with an exhalation valve

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neolution ®Plus  
FFP2 NR D, REF 238

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Save 35%
if you purchase the goods on one complete mixed EU pallet! 

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Early Bird discount:
We grant 2% additional discount for purchasing orders, which will be placed before the 5th of May 2021!

*Promotion period of the neolution®Plus sales campaign: 27.04.-12.05.2021 or as long as stocks last. It cannot be combined with any other promotion campaign. The prices are as per our export price list. The campaign applies only to goods in stock and      only for new orders placed in April/May 2021. The delivery of the goods must take place in May 2021. Errors excepted. You receive additionally 2% discount for the orders of the following products: ref. 239V, ref. 238V and ref. 238, if you order the goods  before the 5th of May 2021!

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Further Details:

The neolution ®Plus  team

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Arthur Wiens

Key Account Manager National
+49 7222 15989-332

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Birgit Nöltner

Vertrieb Deutschland 
+49 7222 15989-334

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Sergey Geodakyan

International Key Account Manager
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