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ClipCap, Ø 50 cm

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[102] ClipCap, Ø 50 cm


0,0495 € 0,0495 € PCs
0.0495 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

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Headgear machine-made of skin-friendly non-woven polypropylene, tested for harmful substances, with latex-free rubber and highly gathered design. All materials were tested to ensure highest quality and performance far superior to the regulatory requirements. Multiple allergic reactions are prevented by these measures and maximum comfort is ensured. Packaged in a bag, combinable with the DACH wall-mounted dispenser. Universally applicable e.g.: hospitals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry.

Intended use: The product is intended to be worn on the head. It is used to protect the hair from dust. It also protects the hair of the wearer from getting caught in rotating parts when working with them. It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents. In addition to its purpose as personal protective equipment, it can also be used for the protection of the product.