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1,4800 € 1,4800 € PCs
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[233] neolution®Med


1,4800 € 1,4800 € PCs
1.48 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

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The patented, expandable three-piece design of the NeolutionMed respirator by DACH enables a perfect fit for all face shapes and every movement. Developed for the medical application and equipped with high performing filter material, the NeolutionMed filtering half mask ensures high-level protection and safety in critical areas for both patients and medical staff.  


• The extra large filter surface area allows excellent distribution of particles and thus ensures highest wearing comfort, even when worn for longer periods of time. 

• The sophisticated and expedient material colour selection prevents light reflection and enables relaxed vision in the operating theatre. 

• The soft, circuitous sealing lip adapts perfectly to the individual face shape, ensuring an absolutely tight seal. 

• The extended chin flap seals the chin area perfectly and allows easy positioning of the mask. 

• The sophisticated, flexible design ensures a stable fit; expandable fold guarantees maximum freedom of movement and prevents slipping while speaking. 

• Integrated and ergonomically preformed nose bridge can be quickly and easily adapted to each individual nose shape. 

• Hygienic single unit packaging 

• Innovative filter media with extremely low breathing resistance 

• Extremely elastic, tear-resistant and latex-free head strap