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Respirator Comfort

Respirator Comfort

Filtering half mask with valve EN149:2001+ A1:2009, FFP2 NR D

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  • Respiratory protective devices – Filtering half masks to protect against particles
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The DACH Comfort series of protective respirators integrates comfort, safety, hygiene, practicality, reliability and design. This respirator of protection class FFP2 NR D offers reliable protection against harmful and less toxic substances; and protects the applicant from particulate matter in the air and from hazardous substances with a concentration that may be 10-times higher than the standardized OEL-value. . With the integrated exhalation valve you will be able to catch a breath – even under physically challenging operations. This state-of-the-art valve prohibits heat and humidity accumulation in the mask by allowing the exhalation air to exit, maintaining a perfect barrier against harmful substances in the environment, by prohibiting air and substances from entering the mask from the outside. Complies with all relevant standards and exceeds the required performance criteria with outstanding test results. All benefits at a glance: • Comfortable flat-fold design allows quick and comfortable handling • Exhalation valve for safe and easy breathing – prevents heat accumulation • Individually packed to prevent contamination before application • Color coding for quick recognition of the protection level • Continuous straps to distribute the pressure evenly • Latex-free material to prevent all allergic reactions • Flexible nose clip to ensure the perfect fit • Dolomite-test ensures maximum breathing comfort • Excellent test results guarantee reliable protection • Minimum breathing resistance ensures maximum comfort • Liquid-repellent outer material increases the protection against aqueous solutions Application e.g.: • Bacteria (Risk group 2), fungal spores • MRSA (Multi-resistant Staph. Aureus) • Tuberculosis pathogens (FFP3 for multi-resistant tuberculosis pathogens) • Medical and pharmaceutical laboratories • Stone dust with significant quartz content, cement • Glass and mineral wool, asbestos • Pesticides (aqueous solutions) • Aluminum-, lead-, copper-dust • Paint, lacquer, quartz, smoke • Wood dust, graphite, flour dust, cotton dust