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IsoCoat Zytex® 360

1,5400 € 1,5400 € PCs
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[426Y] IsoCoat Zytex® 360


1,5400 € 1,5400 € PCs
1.54 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

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The SAFE® IsoCoat Zytex®- 360 protectice gown is made of our high-performance material Zytex® – back and front! The high-quality Zytex® material is tested according to the EN 14126. With the generously designed cut, this gown fits everybody and ensures excellent agility. The latex-free elastic knitted cuffs and the tying belt around the waist area ensure the perfect fit and excellent coverage, also when worn in combination with protective gloves. Ideal for applications in wet environments. Compliant with the HACCP-concept. Possible application fields: • Hospitals, care facilities, emergency services • Animal care • Microbiological laboratories • Biotechnological industries • Sewage works, waste disposals • Emergency cleaning

Intended use: The product protects against contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents or prolonged contact with water.

It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.