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Surgical Gown Easy

Surgical Gown Easy

non-sterile, SMMS-material, welded seams

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  • Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff and equipment
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The DACH SAFE® series of surgical gowns provides revolutionary surgical clothing that complies with the regulatory requirements and shows outstanding test results. Tested accordingly to the test methods defined by EN 13795 and additionally to those by ISO 10993-5 these gowns outperform the regulatory requirements by far. With these products we were able to realize dependable safety, maximum protection, reliable prevention of infectious contamination between patients and staff members, and the avoidance of nosocomial infections. Thanks to our continuous material research our new SAFE® Surgical Gowns have revolutionary properties: lighter, thinner, higher breathability, softer and higher tensile strength – guaranteed protection from fluids and germs. Our non-sterile DACH Surgical Gown Easy fulfills the standard requirements accordingly to EN 13795 with outstanding performance test results. With the high breathability and the excellent protection performance, this gown integrates comfort and safety. It provides reliable protection against viruses, bacteria and blood – even under physical strains, thus ensuring that the barrier effect is maintained even in physically challenging environments. With low-linting properties and high microbial cleanliness, this gown is suitable for application where the cleanliness of the environment is crucial and thus has to be protected from contamination by the applicant and his equipment. All seams are ultrasonically welded, providing a continuous barrier effect and thus eliminating the weak links. The generous cut with the opening in the back can be fastened with tying straps, to ensure the optimum fit for all sizes. The simple design allows quick and easy dressing and undressing, saving you valuable times when things have to move fast. Showing the highest achievable results when tested for biocompatibility accordingly to ISO 10993-5 this gown leaves no questions open and is the perfect choice when it comes to hygiene protection in critical situations with normal liquid occurrence that require fast and reliable actions.

Intended use: The product protects against contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents or prolonged contact with water. It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.