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Inspection Gown

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[455] Inspection Gown


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With our high-quality DACH SAFE® disposable gowns we have achieved to ensure maximum protection and comfort for multiple fields of application. Our wide selection of universally applicable disposable gowns ranges from highly specialized equipment suitable for cleanrooms to easily applied visitor gowns. All gowns meet the relevant regulatory requirements and have shown excellent test results. With their generously cut design, they are sure to offer excellent agility and wearing comfort to everybody. The disposable DACH SAFE® Inspection Gown is made of nonwoven and is available in multiple signal colors that allow you to distinguish between gowns and assigned application areas, thus minimizing risks of confusion and improving the organization of your work environment. With latex-free elastic sleeve straps, the Velcro fastener in the front, the generous cut and the multiple available sizes this gown is sure to perfectly fit all sizes. No uncomfortable shifting and movements of the gown, as it will not stick to your clothing underneath, thanks to its antistatic treatment. This gown complies with the HACCP-concept.

Intended use: The product protects against contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents or prolonged contact with water.

It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.