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Overall Easy

1,6000 € 1,6000 € PCs
1.6 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

[52] Overall Easy


1,6000 € 1,6000 € PCs
1.6 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

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The SAFE® Overall Easy is made of very tear-resistant and breathable non-woven polypropylene. This white coverall has a high collar, a covered zipper and a hood. The SAFE® Overall Easy is a great solution for protection from dusts and other minimal risk application that comes at a great price-performance ratio. Complies with the HACCP-concept. Universally applicable e.g.: • protection against dust • inspection work • gardening work • construction work • car repair • soil-intense work • industrial cleaning • for visitors • protection of your production goods

Intended use:

The coverall is intended to be worn over other (work) clothing and serves to protect the wearer from cleaning agents, dirt or liquid splashes.

The hood protects the wearer's hair from tangling in their immediate work environment.

Schützt den Träger gemäß Kategorie I der PSA-Verordnung

  • from superficial mechanical injuries

  • from contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents.

It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.