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Overall Easy

2,6000 € 2,6000 € PCs
2.6 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

[52W] Overall Easy


2,6000 € 2,6000 € PCs
2.6 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

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The SAFE® Overall Easy is made of very tear-resistant and breathable non-woven polypropylene. This white coverall has a high collar, a covered zipper and a hood. The SAFE® Overall Easy is a great solution for protection from dusts and other minimal risk application that comes at a great price-performance ratio. Complies with the HACCP-concept. Universally applicable e.g.: • protection against dust • inspection work • gardening work • construction work • car repair • soil-intense work • industrial cleaning • for visitors • protection of your production goods

Intended use: The product protects against contact with weakly aggressive cleaning agents or prolonged contact with water.  

It does not protect against substances hazardous to health or harmful biological agents.