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Surgical Shorts

Surgical Shorts

for colonoscopy, blue, soft and skin-friendly non-woven material, single use

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  • Nonwoven
  • Elastic strap
  • Sewing thread
  • Personal Protective Equipment Category
  • Dermatological tolerance
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  • Environmental compatibility and Disposal

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Disposable SAFE® Surgical Shorts are made of soft and skin-friendly non-woven material. The generous cut ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. With an easily accessible examination slit that is covered by a movable overlap, the private parts of your patient are covered. These shorts provide a hygienic and functional solution for the everyday use in medical and health care facilities. They offer comfort and privacy for your patient and ensure a smooth and uncomplicated examination process with the easily accessible examination slit. To your advantage when it comes to hygiene, patient care and efficiency!  

Universally applicable, e.g.: colonoscopy, gynecology, hematology.

Intended use: The product is used by the patient to protect the patient and the patient's environment from contamination.