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Pull-on Shirt

Pull-on Shirt

white, packaged in bag, one size fits all, soft and skin-friendly non-woven material

  • Colour
  • Trademark
  • Manufacturer
  • Nonwoven
  • Elastic strap
  • Sewing thread
  • Personal Protective Equipment Category
  • Dermatological tolerance
  • Storage
  • Environmental compatibility and Disposal

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This disposable pull-on shirt by DACH, with long sleeves and latex-free wristbands, is made of skin-friendly and very soft non-woven material. With the generously designed cut, it offers the perfect fit for everybody. This shirt has no buttons or pockets to provide high comfort and safety at all times. In combination with the DACH Pull-on Trousers, it provides all-round protection with great agility. Innovative design for the application in the medical field and in production facilities – for professional environments that require physical activity and professional equipment that allows you to move freely and still provides you with an excellent fit and highest wearing comfort. Can also be used as a “Kids-coat”, a visitor's gown for our little ones. Complies with the HACCP-concept.