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Protection Kit ALLSAFE

10,8300 € 10,8300 € Set
10.83 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

[9071] Protection Kit ALLSAFE


10,8300 € 10,8300 € Set
10.83 EUR

0,0000 € per unit

  • Size
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  • Personal Protective Equipment Category
  • Protective clothing against airborne solid particulates
  • Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Limited protective performance against liquid chemicals
  • Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties
  • Protective clothing against radioactive contamination (particulate contamination)
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Radioactive fallout was most recently a threat to our health during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Now there is a new threat: the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is concerned about fighting near Chernobyl. The war in Ukraine is also endangering running nuclear plants and there is growing concern that damage to these plants could again lead to the dispersal of radioactive dust that knows no borders and could contaminate the whole of Europe. 


Chemical hazards can arise at any time through accidents or be deliberately caused.

Our high-quality protective set ALLSAFE contains various personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect against serious hazards such as death or irreversible damage to health (category III according to Annex I to the PPE Regulation EU 2016/425).

The coverall ALLSAFE from DACH Schutzbekleidung

protects the whole body as a category 3 coverall (type 5, 6):

A) Protection against atomic debris, i.e. radioactive particles as contained in nuclear fallout (EN 1073-2); 

B) protection against toxic chemical substances in aerosols or liquids (EN 13034), such as those contained in some nerve agents absorbed through the skin (e.g. Novichok), but also from everyday chemicals such as acids, bases or pesticides.

The respirator ubiQ³® from DACH Schutzbekleidung

is a particularly high-quality FFP3 mask. Equipped with a high-performance filter, the ubiQ³® respirator ensures high filtering performance with sensationally low breathing resistance and thus brings with it the highest level of safety for the user. The "duckbill" shape ensures easy handling and also enables space-saving storage and practical carrying. The nose clip can be easily adjusted to the individual nose shape and makes the mask detectable. It meets all the requirements of the highest protection class FFP3, fits tightly to the face and reliably protects the airways, even when speaking. The ubiQ³® protects

against inhalation of nuclear dust;

against inhalation of bacteria (i.e. Anthrax, Yersinia Pestis) or viruses (i.e. yellow fever);

against inhalation of chemicals contained in aerosols.

The nitrile gloves GentleSafe from DACH Schutzbekleidung

are category 3 gloves according to EN 374. They are liquid-, virus- and bacteria-proof and also protect the hands from dust. They are made of strong, allergen-free nitrile so they do not tear easily.

Shoe Cover

are made of strong polypropylene fleece and are ultrasonically welded. The sole is covered with polyethylene to increase durability. The overshoes protect the footwear from direct contact with radioactive particles or chemicals.

A biohazard disposal bag with cable tie

completes the package. Contaminated PPE can be safely stored or disposed of in it. The cable tie allows for a secure closure.

Optional: Antifog full-vision goggles

As an option to our ALLSAFE protection kit, we offer tight-fitting safety goggles with antifog coating and a large field of vision. The integrated valves allow indirect ventilation and ensure fog-free vision. The adjustable headband guarantees a snug and tight fit. These full-face goggles provide good protection against infections, splashing liquids and dusts. This is category 2 personal protective equipment.

Optional: OptiProtect face shield

As an option to our ALLSAFE protection kit we offer a face shield according to EN166. This is category 2 personal protective equipment.