DACH Schutzbekleidung.  A promise.  Worldwide.

Our mission is to make the working world safer and protect people from health hazards as best as possible. That is why we invest in research and development and launch innovative and safe products regularly.

DACH Schutzbekleidung is an owner-managed company with headquarters in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since 1996, we have been developing, producing and selling protective equipment globally for maximum safety in medical and industrial environments.

As a manufacturer of protective equipment, it is our maxim to make the working world safer and more comfortable. Our products provide the best possible protection against health hazards at the workplace. We have our management systems regularly checked and certified. Beyond the legal requirements, DACH products are subjected to numerous additional tests. In doing so, they must prove the highest level of product safety and wearing comfort. We are committed to social responsibility and base our activities on socially and environmentally responsible principles and standards of conduct.

At the end of our development series are safety and comfort of mature products. Our qualified service employees offer you professional, competent advice on occupational health and safety.

We look forward to your inquiry.
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DACH SchutzbekleidungGmbH & CO. KG

Rotackerstraße 21, 76437 Raststatt

Tel.: +49 7222 15989-0

Fax.: +49 7222 15989-22

UN Global Compact

Since the beginning of 2019, DACH Schutzbekleidung GmbH & Co. KG has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact and within the framework of this Compact we have committed ourselves to support human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Environmental protection

For us, environmental protection means saving resources. To have a CO2 balance we are proud of, we are producing in Germany. 

But that's not enough for us: among other things, we specifically reduce our paper requirements, we deliberately avoid plastic and use the railroads for business trips as often as possible.

Dignity & Diversity 

We respect the personal dignity, freedom and rights of each individual. Equal opportunities are an important part of our corporate gene. Through diversity and tolerance, we want to achieve the highest level of productivity and creativity.

Made in Germany

From the first fiber to the finished product - Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques and machinery at our site in Rastatt/Germany, we design and produce medical face masks, respirators and protective gowns on site.

Innovation & Future

We bear responsibility for sustainable production made in Germany and fulfil this responsibility by acting in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner. With our products we make an important contribution to the safe supply of protective clothing in Germany.

Product quality

Our mission is to make the world of work safer and to protect people from health hazards as best we can. To this end, we invest in research and development and regularly bring safe and innovative products to market.



Start of the new mask production at the production site in Germany. In addition to the ubiQ respiratory protection mask series in the protection classes FFP3 and FFP2, medical face masks for sustainable supply for hospitals, rescue services and crisis centers are produced. Development and production of the masks are 100% Made in Germany by DACH.



DACH builds new headquarters in Rastatt, investing 6 million.The new area of 22,000 sm allows further growth and development. DACH moves to the new site and the team increases significantly.



In 2017, DACH once again becomes Growth Champion, receiving this honor the second year in series.



The new respiratory mask Neolution is launched. The patented, ideal fit ensures a very high wearing comfort, as well as excellent protection and, of course, it features the usual low breathing resistance.



Focus Special and Statista announce DACH to be one of the Growth Champions in Germany. This award is submitted to a total of 500 German companies which have been able to generate the biggest sales growth.



Due to the Ebola crisis, the world-wide demand for certified protective clothing rises. DACH meets the challenge by working overhours and hiring more employees. Additionally, the BioSafe coverall is developed and launched in 2016. This coverall is intended specifically for fighting the Ebola virus.



The new site is enlarged by a new logictics building in Bietigheim. DACH continues to grow.



Success allows growth: in order to give its development more space, DACH moves to new company quarters in Bietigheim (Baden).



DACH develops the SplashCoat: the first blood- and virus-tight protective coat on the market. Once again, DACH sets standards. Up to now, all protective coats are manufactured the same way and in the same colour.



The High Risk Mask by DACH gets the best test results in an independent review. 16 randomly selected masks had been analysed and the DACH High Risk Mask was eventually named the winner. Ever since, this mask has been the standard recommendation in specialised literature.



DACH establishes respirators at hospitals. Today, this is a standard, but back then, the crucial difference between a surgical masks and respiratory protection was not necessarily common knowledge.

DACH publishes articles in journals and magazines, provides trainings at hospitals, and explains the difference between respiratory protection and surgical mask.



Ming Gutsche receives the EU Innovation Award for Female Entrepreneurs. With this prize, the EU honors successful start-ups with an exceptional business idea, initiated by women.



The Company was founded by Ming Gutsche, owner and CEO of DACH. At first, the young company focused on simple products such as head covers, disposable gowns, and shoe covers.