DACH Schutzbekleidung.  A promise.  Worldwide.

Our mission is to make the world of work safer and to protect people as best as possible from damages to health. To do so, we invest in research and development and regularly bring safe and innovative products to market.

DACH Schutzbekleidung is an owner-managed company with headquarters in Rastatt, Germany. We have been developing, producing and selling protective clothing for the best level of occupational safety for people in medicine and industry around the world since 1996.

As a manufacturer of protective equipment, it is our maxim to make the working world safer and more comfortable. Our products provide the best possible protection from damage to health in the workplace. We have our management systems checked and certified on a regular basis. In addition to the legal regulations, DACH products are subjected to numerous additional tests. In doing so, they have to demonstrate a high level of product safety and comfort. We are committed to social responsibility and base our activities on socially and environmentally responsible principles of action and behavioural norms.

At the end of our development series, we present well-engineered products in terms of safety and comfort. Our qualified service staff offer you professional, competent advice on occupational safety and health protection.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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DACH SchutzbekleidungGmbH & CO. KG

Rotackerstraße 21, 76437 Raststatt

Tel.: +49 7222 15989-0

Fax.: +49 7222 15989-22

Wir übernehmen Verantwortung und haben  mitgeDACHt!

Sicherheit und Schutz ist unsere Mission. Wir fühlen uns auch unserer Umwelt und Region verpflichtet und sind stolz in vielen Bereichen ein engagiertes Unternehmen zu sein. 
Um langfristig die Ressourcen unserer Erde zu schonen, setzen wir auf Ökostrom - für unsere gesunde Zukunft!



UN Global Compact

DACH Schutzbekleidung GmbH & Co. KG has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since the beginning of 2019. In doing so, we commit ourselves to advocating for human rights, fair working conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Find out more.

Environmental Protection

For us, environmental protection means conserving resources. In order to have a CO2 balance that we are proud of, we produce in Germany.

But that's not enough for us: among other things, we are specifically reducing our consumption of paper, we consciously avoid plastic and use the train as often as possible for business trips.

Respect & tolerance

We respect personal dignity, freedom and the rights of every individual. Equal opportunity is an important part of our corporate DNA. We want to achieve maximum productivity and creativity through diversity and tolerance.

Made in Germany

From the first fibre to the finished product - thanks to the most modern techniques and machines at our location in Rastatt / Germany, we design and produce medical face masks and respirators on site.

Innovation & Future

We are responsible for sustainable production and we act in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner. Through our products, we make an important contribution to the safe supply of protective clothing in Germany.

Product quality

Our mission is to make the world of work safer and to protect people as best as possible from damages to health. To do so, we invest in research and development and regularly bring safe and innovative products to market.



Start of new mask production at the production location in Germany. In addition to the ubiQ series of respirators in protection classes FFP3 and FFP2, medical face masks are also produced for sustainable care for hospitals, emergency services and crisis centres. The development and production of the masks are 100% Made in Germany by DACH.



DACH is investing around 6 million in the new headquarters in Rastatt. 22,000 m² enable further growth. DACH moves into the new company building and significantly enlarges the team.



In 2017 DACH is again among the growth champions and has thus received the award for the second year in a row.



Introduction of the new Neolution respirator. The patented, perfect fit ensures even more wearing comfort with excellent protection and the usual low breathing resistance.



Focus Spezial and Statista name DACH “Germany's growth champion”. The business magazine awards this award to a total of 500 companies in Germany that recorded the strongest sales growth.



In the wake of the Ebola crisis, the global demand for certified protective clothing is increasing. DACH is handling the increased demand with overtime and more employees. In addition, the BioSafe protective suit, which has been on the market since 2016, is specially developed for the fight against the Ebola virus.



First new company building, then expansion of the logistics hall at the Bietigheim location - DACH continues to grow.



Success promotes growth: in order to give this more space, DACH moves into the new company building in Bietigheim (Baden).



With its SplashCoat, DACH is bringing the first blood and virus-proof infection protection gown to the market thus setting new standards.



The DACH high-risk mask achieves the best test results in an independent test. 16 randomly selected masks were tested, from which the DACH high-risk mask emerged as the test winner. From now on, the DACH high-risk mask will become the standard recommendation in specialist literature.



DACH establishes respiratory protection in hospitals. What is now standard was new back then, because a surgical mask is not a respirator.

DACH publishes articles in specialist journals, gives training courses in hospitals and explains the difference between respirators and surgical masks.



Ming Gutsche receives the EU Innovation Award for women entrepreneurs. With this award, the European Union recognises successful start-ups initiated by women who have an outstanding business idea.



Founding of the company by company owner and current managing director Ming Gutsche. Initially, DACH Schutzbekleidung concentrates on simple products such as disposable gowns, headgear and shoe covers.